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Rockridge Bungalow Blog

Michelle's Rockridge Bungalow Blog



While it's true Gather not only accommodates vegetarians and vegans - they celebrate them - there is something here for everyone. Some real stand outs include - raw local halibut mixed with minutina, grapefruit, radishes and hot green garlic oil, house-made meatballs served over creamy polenta, seared cod on a bed of artichoke fava bean puree, baby artichokes and wild mushrooms and a burger made with Prather Ranch beef.



Really enjoyed our quick getaway to Yountville (and I do mean quick – 50 minutes door-to-door from our house to the hotel). I haven’t been to the area in years – more than 8 probably. It’s changed a lot and in a good way.

If my photos look like a study in signage – well Yountville is a study in good food and the good life in general. Surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and vineyards it still has all the charm of a small, quaint town but now there is something verging on chic about it.

A sparkling new 4-star hotel, a hip new Michael Chiarello restaurant and an incredible space - luxury home goods meets private events space meets wine collective - I can’t really describe it, all I know is they have great taste.

Don’t worry, all of the tried and true anchors are still alive and well - Bouchon, Bistro Jeanty and of course The French Laundry. I have one word for you though – RESERVATIONS. You will need them to eat dinner anywhere and you will need them to taste good wine - so get to booking your getaway.


Patz & Hall

Loving the tasting salon concept and the 2007 Hyde Vineyard - Carneros Charonnay even more. The photos on the wall represent the select growers that Patz & Hall work with to produce their fabulous wines. 


Mai.son.ry [mey-suh-n-ree] - noun. A setting in which people come to be inspired by all things aesthetic. 

When I build that dream house in the wine country - I'm calling these people to decorate it!  


The French Laundry

Yes, it's STILL next to impossible to get a reservation here but you don't even need to step inside to see why.



Hotel Luca

This new kid on the block - a stately Mirabel property - has real potential. It will benefit from a little age and patina though - and mature, lush landscaping. But sooner or later the woodburning fireplace surrounded by big comfy sofas and chairs in the courtyard will have everyone flocking for the place to be for a nightcap.




Giving a whole new meaning to accessorizing with found objects - I am inspired to start trolling the flea markets again.



The Flagship Store in V Marketplace Yountville

It's impossible not to love this store. The buyers know how to really romance the wine country experience and really sell lots of beautiful stuff.